• Caracal’s CSR sniper rifle

UAE small arms manufacturer Caracal, a Tawazun subsidiary, is showing its two latest products for the first time here at IDEX. One is the latest member of the successful Caracal pistol series and the other is a sniper rifle.

Caracal H is the latest pistol product, completely designed and developed in the UAE and drawing on the experience and success of the striker-operated Caracal C, F and SC pistols.

The primary aim of the new weapon is to provide the levels of performance achieved by strikeroperated pistols in a hammeroperated gun, thereby gaining the benefits of both.

Chambered for 9x19mm ammunition, Caracal H is the lowest-profile hammer pistol available. It can be held very close to the barrel, improving multishot accuracy by reducing the tendency of the barrel to climb. It can use Caracal’s Quick Sight, or adjustable sights, the latter being of very low profile to avoid snagging in quick-draw situations.

One of the benefits of a striker operated gun is the much shorter lock time when compared with traditional hammer weapons, with a corresponding improvement in accuracy. The Caracal H has reduced the lock time to values comparable to those of striker guns, while retaining the hammer’s benefits of a smooth, single-action release and the ability to be cocked and decocked with a finger or thumb. Development began in January 2010 and early firing trials have drawn considerable praise.

The weapon is expected to be production ready within the year.

Caracal could easily adapt the weapon to 9x21mm ammunition, and is investigating other calibres.

The Caracal Sniper Rifle (CSR) is being shown here in prototype form, development having started only late last year.

The weapon has been designed to be modular and versatile, with comfort and ease of use as important design drivers. Grips and accessories can be switched easily, and the stock adjusted to suit any firing position, without the need for tools. The rifle can be converted to a folding stock weapon, while a bipod can be mounted at any desirable position. It has low-profile sighting mounts for standard barrels, or a higher position for barrels fitted with suppressors.

Currently it is configured for 0.308 Win ammunition, although 0.300 Win (Mag) is an option. Standard magazine capacity is 10 rounds and effective range is about 600m.

Caracal is initially offering two versions, the CSR Basic with full-length (600mm) barrel, and the CSR Compact with a 510mm barrel, intended primarily for law enforcement agencies. CSR is aimed initially at the Middle East market, and should be ready for production by the year end. Caracal (Hall 5, Stand A10) is also developing a semi-automatic 9mm carbine, the CC10. This weapon has a 410mm barrel that can be changed rapidly and a highly ergonomic design. It can accept magazines with 13, 15, 18 or 30-round capacities.

Caracal shows off its latest weapons
Caracal’s CSR sniper rifle is equipped with a versatile rail system to allow the fitment of a range of accessories
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