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US-Israeli company Coral Gables (U.S. office in Miami, Florida, called Corner Shot Holdings) has introduced a new type of automatic weapons, allowing to fire from behind a corner. A device called CornerShot currently undergoing extensive testing by military 15 countries (including Russia) and is expected to soon take its rightful place in the arsenal of anti-terrorist fighters services, special forces and all military units who have to keep fighting among city buildings and other similar conditions. The creators of Corner Shot is Amos Golan and Asaf Nadel, both officers in the past, Israeli special purpose entities.The idea of a device, called CornerShot compact and combines modern base for the dignity of krivostvolnyh systems and structures such as our “Drive” is very simple. At the front of the base platform, made ​​of impact resistant plastic and resembling the back half of the assault rifle, installed swivel head that can be fixed in three positions: upright, with the right or left lapel. Swivel head on the specimen pistol or a submachine gun (for each specific weapon system is unique cradle), laser designator, tactical flashlight and 2-band (for monitoring the nearby and distant targets) video camera, connected to the monitor placed on the left side of the base the platform.

At the core platform and set all the controls on the device CornerShot. On the main panel in front of the monitor displayed the power button of all units included in the device. Duplicate control buttons are located on the right side of the device in front of the trigger guard and, if necessary, easily accessible to the index finger of his right hand. The basic unit of electric power is placed in the unit above the pistol grip. Battery power tactical flashlight is placed inside the pistol grip. By mechanically authorities relates to the pistol grip safety lever at the base and the trigger are kinematically associated with the weapon, folding stock and front grip forend in place, which serves to hold the device with your left hand and swivel head deviation, if necessary, firing from behind hedges.

Despite the abundance of electronics deviceCornerShot with the basic skills of operating time is quite simple to use. In the direct location of weapons pointing at the target can be achieved by sights of the gun, although in this case, even with a significant increase in shooting accuracy, the use of less expensive platforms is hardly justified. All the advantages CornerShot occur when firing it with a deflected left or right arms. To observe the objects located outside the visible area, serve as a camcorder, deflecting with weapons, and monitor the position of which on the base platform can be adjusted in a small range in two dimensions. And the transfer of weapons to the extreme position requires minimal effort from the shooter and takes less than one second. When the target crosshair on the screen is nothing to prevent the arrow immediately to fire.

In the base unit weighs 3.86 kg CornerShot that the angle of inclination of the axis of the bore arms to 62 degrees left or right allows you to effortlessly control the fire. When installing the device Glock 17 pistol range of effective fire on a single target, according to the manufacturer, up to 120 meters, at the extreme positions, this distance is reduced to 75 meters. Gun firmly fixed with four screws in the tool tray that provides nesbivaemost adjustment. To match the direction of sighting of weapons after it is installed in the cradle with the optical axis adjusting camera is a separate panel on the outer side of the monitor. Reloading weapons and replacement stores are free to be with his left hand while holding the entire unit – on the right. If you must use CornerShot in a stationary position for observation and the ready to shoot the installation of the rotating platform at a height-adjustable double-seat bipod, and an additional adjustable rear support is mounted in the butt plate. In addition to shooting “angle”, CornerShot can be used as it is conventional weapons that provided the front of the fixation in the appropriate position.

Development CornerShot lasted five years and cost more than two million U.S. dollars. The official demonstration of the new weapon was to landfill Shoham near Tel Aviv. As already mentioned, weapons CornerShot interested, at least 15 countries that have bought feelers and now carry out tests.It is logical that a special enthusiasm for the Corner Shot showing the Americans, so we should expect that one of the first gun to fire “around the corner” will be U.S. troops in Iraq. The cost of one CornerShot ranges from three to five thousand dollars, depending on configuration.

Cornershot DiagramHowever, following the recent advertising campaign by the media around the world, the developers expected a rapid stream of orders for their miracle of technology has not yet broken through the dam of doubt in the minds of professionals. Indeed, so effective ifCornerShot , as his promise to “fathers”, whether or not to carry a further four kilos of load probability of causing a questionable shot from the corner, so whether it will be convenient to aim with it in combat, as it happens in-dash, and whether to abandon well-established methods of assault operations in areas with the advent of this very expensive device. At first glance, any grenade, military or lethal effects, depending on the circumstances of the application much more efficient, more reliable and, above all, cheaper than at most modest dimensions than the proposed solution. Yes, and video equipment has long been widely used to monitor the work of special units. But in any case, try this unit in operation, probably worth it, but time will tell whether it will be a weapon or special operations only take place in a vast arsenal of virtual “shooter.”

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