Blio:-ebook reader for mac,pc

“eReadingPro is a system for teaching reading to individuals of all ages who are visual learners.

Blio is a feature-rich eReading application that allows you to go beyond the written word. Experience books through the eyes of the author, with crystal clear sound and images that come alive in brilliant color.

In Blio, books are more than just words and pictures. They’re pathways to new and exciting ways of learning, living and doing. That’s more than

What is Blio?

Simply put, Blio is a full-featured eReader for people who care about what books look like.

If you’re into crafting, architecture, cooking, traveling, or fairytales, it’s pretty important to see your books laid out like the author intended. That’s why we recreate each and every page, giving you an authentic reading experience, while still giving you all the extras you’d expect from an eBook.

amazing.That’s life. In Blio.

Screenshot: 2

the download link:

Someone asked

if anyone knew how to convert to XPS from a PDF file. I figured out how to do it, and it’s actually pretty simple.Blio does not support PDF file format at this moment and so far it does not seem that they are going to support itin the future. If you have a lot of PDF eBooks in your computer, it would be great if there was a way to enable you to import all of those great eBooks into the Blio eReader software. This is just an easy way to convert PDF to XPS file format in Windows, without extra software.

How to make XPS files for Blio

1Open the PDF file that you would like to convert to XPS file format, with any PDF reader.

2Click on the File menu.

3Click Print, the print window will open and in the section where you choose the printer select Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

4Click OK and now your PDF file is going to be saved as XPS file format. That is all!

I hope that this trick was useful.


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